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Slim Harpo - I'm A King Bee

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Not Now - CATLP192

Slim's records are notable for his languid, almost lazy sounding, vocal delivery, but it was one that obviously struck a chord with listeners. His trademark harmonica playing was much more distinct and to the fore, and his recordings are often enhanced with a primitive echo delay. Slim also played guitar at his live dates, but preferred to use more experienced session players like Gabriel Perrodin on his recordings. I'm A King Bee proved to be a strong local hit, but did not bother any of the national charts, possibly because the obvious double entendres frightened some radio stations. Its worth has been proved since however, with a string of covers by artists like The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, The Doors, Pink Floyd and Muddy Waters. Mick Jagger is even quoted as wondering why anyone would listen to their version when they could listen to Slim Harpo's!

Side A:
I'm A King Bee
Blues Hang-over
Don't Start Cryin' Now
One More Day
Buzz Me Baby
What A Dream
Wonderin' And Worryin'
Moody Blues
Late Last Night

Side B:
Rainin' In My Heart
I Got Love If You Want It
Snoopin' Around
My Home Is A Prison
Strange Love
Dream Girl
Bobby Sox Baby
You'll Be Sorry One Day