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Nicolas Jaar - Cenizas (LTD Deluxe Edition)

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Other People - OP055LP

2LP mastered for Exceptional Sound! LTD Edition includes : 2LP + Book + OCard + Clear PVC Sleeve CENIZAS WAS WRITTEN AND PRODUCED BY NICOLAS JAAR BETWEEN 2017-2019. MASTERING BY RASHAD BECKER. ART BY MAZIYAR PAHLEVAN. MIXING BY NICOLAS JAAR AND PATRICK HIGGINS In 2019, Patrick Higgins and Nicolas Jaar mixed some of the record in Higgins' Future- Past studios in Hudson NY and Electric Lady Studios in Manhattan. Additional mixing was done in Figure8 Studios in Brooklyn by Nicolas. 8/10 Resident Advisor - Cenizas is an LP of significant gravitas from an artist with among the largest and most engaged followings in electronic music 8/10 Pitchfork - Given all the technical ground Cenizas covers, Jarr is an impressively meticulous guide. Every pluck, ping, buzz, scratch, and whistle is intentional, a bump in the tunnel as you slide down the rabbit hole 9/10 Loud & Quiet - Jaar's music has always been deeply preoccupied with atmosphere, and Cenizas is a deeply atmospheric album. It sounds like a void. As you listen, you feel like you could fall into it and never find your way out. In that way, these 54 minutes feel like a sequel to Jaar's first hit, Space is Only Noise, set 5,000 years in the future. He told us then. He's showing us now.

Side A:
Vanish 3:11
Menysid 3:58
Cenizas 4:39
Agosto 2:47

Side B:
Gocce 3:56
Mud 7:13
Vacíar 2:17

Side C:
Sunder 3:05
Hello, Chain 5:26
Rubble 3:01

Side D:
Garden 5:25
Xerox 3:19
Faith Made Of Silk 5:26