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Gen Pop - PPM66

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Post Present Medium - PPM066LP

Gen Pop started in Olympia, Washington in 2016. Four faces in the same mirror all with a different reflection. It's not high-brow or low-brow but unibrow. Don't bother making musical comparisons, speak instead in terms of the mood, which, for lack of a better term, may be described as "tense". We've all had the feeling of careening headlong into a wall, eyes wide but seeing nothing, so you'll know what to expect. BUT if you must, think Swell Maps meets Buzzcocks in the late eighties american indie scene.

Side A:
Bell Book Candle
Bright Light People
Hanging Drum
Plastic Comb
Jilted And Blitzed
My Apartment

Side B:
Personal Fantasy
Easy Reprise
Pixel Glow
Me Alive