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Bob Mould - Distortion: 1989-1995

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Demon Records presents Distortion: 1989-1995, the first in a series of four expansive vinyl box sets chronicling the solo career of legendary American musician Bob Mould. Bob Mould's career began in 1979 with the iconic underground punk group Husker Du before forming the beloved alternative rock band Sugar and releasing numerous critically acclaimed solo albums. Volume one in this new series covers 1989 to 1995, beginning with Mould's first post Husker Du album Workbook and continuing through to Sugar's final studio album File Under: Easy Listening. Each album is presented with brand new artwork designed by illustrator Simon Marchner and pressed on 140g clear vinyl with unique splatter effects. Includes a 28-page companion booklet featuring: liner notes by journalist Keith Cameron; a foreword by writer and actor Fred Armisen; a tribute from Richard Thompson; lyrics and memorabilia. Mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering in Boston. Featuring an array of bonus tracks including Sugar's 1995 collection of B-sides and non-album tracks Besides, along with Distortion Plus: 1989-1995 a new and exclusive collection of rarities and collaborations.

Side A:
Wishing Well
Heartbreak A Stranger
See A Little Light
Poison Years
Sinners And Their Repentences

Side B:
Brasilia Crossed With Trenton
Compositions For The Young And Old
Lonely Afternoon
Dreaming, I Am
Whichever Way The Wind Blows

Black Sheets Of Rain
Side C:
Black Sheets Of Rain
Stand Guard
It's Too Late
One Good Reason
Stop Your Crying

Side D:
Hanging Tree
The Last Night
Hear Me Calling
Out Of Your LIfe
Sacrifice / Let There Be Peace

Copper Blue
Side E:
The Act We Act
A Good Idea
Hoover Dam

Side F:
The Slim
If I Can't Change Your Mind
Fortune Teller
Man On The Moon

Side G:
Come Around
Judas Cradle

Side H:
JC Auto
Feeling Better
Walking Away

File Under: Easy Listening
Side I:
Company Book
Your Favorite Thing
What You Want It To Be
Gee Angel

Side J
Panama City Hotel
Can't Help You Anymore
Granny Cool
Believe What You're Saying
Explode And Make Up

Side K
Needle Hits E
If I Can't Change Your Mind (Solo Mix)
Try Again
Where Diamonds Are Halos (Live)
Armenia City In The Sky (Live)

Side L:
Anyone (Live)
JC Auto (Live)
Believe What You're Saying (Campfire Mix)
Mind Is An Island

Side M
Going Home
In The Eyes Of My Friends
And You Tell Me

Side N:
If I Can't Change Your Mind (BBC Radio Session)
Hoover Dam (BBC Radio Session)
The Slim (BBC Radio Session)
Where Diamonds Are Halos (BBC Radio Session)

Distortion Plus: 1989-1995
Side O:
All Those People Know
No Water In Hell
Dying From The Inside Out

Side P:
Hickory Wind
Can't Fight It
Turning Of The Tide