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Del Shannon - Runaway: The Best Of

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Del Shannon did not fit the typical teen-idol mould other pop singers of the early Sixties were shoehorned into. Although he certainly had the required good looks, his songs had a brooding intensity to them, with recurring themes of loss and rejection that didn't sit well with the typical pop-star image of the time. In many respects he was similar to the UK's John Leyton and did a lot to pave the way for the British Invasion and the huge expansion to the boundaries of what could be considered pop music.

Side A:
Runaway 2:16
Little Town Flirt 2:49
Hats Off To Larry 1:59
I Won't Be There 1:59
Wide Wide World 2:01
Lies 2:37
Cry Myself To Sleep 2:21
(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame 2:21

Side B:
So Long Baby 2:00
The Swiss Maid 2:07
Hey! Little Girl 2:30
I Wake Up Crying 2:02
The Prom 2:22
Ginny In The Mirror 2:09
You Never Talked About Me 2:11
I'm Gonna Move On 2:46