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Capcom Sound Team - Resident Evil 6 Soundtrack

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Pressed on heavyweight black double vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve and printed inners. - 31 tracks from Capcom's 2012 'dramatic horror' sequel - Music by international composition team and live orchestral recordings Capcom and Laced Records continue their international alliance with the Resident Evil 6 (Original Soundtrack) vinyl release. 31 tracks specially mastered for vinyl will be pressed to two heavyweight, 180g LPs, housed in a gatefold sleeve with artwork by Capcom and designer Boris Moncel. In a series known for multiple playable characters, Resident Evil 6 upped the ante with players navigating four distinct, action-packed scenarios set across the world. The experienced composition team comprised Thomas Parisch, Laurent Ziliani, Daniel Lindholm and Sebastian Schwartz alongside Capcom stalwarts Kota Suzuki, Akihiko Narita, Azusa Kato and Akiyuki Morimoto. The rip-roaring score for the 'dramatic horror' title was recorded with the 90-piece Sydney Scoring Orchestra.

Side A:
Main Theme
Life or Death
Death of a President
Gas Station
Deborah's Transformation I
Deborah's Transformation II
Invasion Of Darkness (Leon)

Side B:
Kith And Kin
Ancient Blood
The Unexpected
Bioterrorism In Lanshiang
From Whence Hell Came - Lepotitsa
Underground Lab
Neo-Umbrella's Assault
Brzak (Final)

Side C:
Aircraft Carrier (Bridge / Extended Chase)
Aircraft Carrier (Airspace / VTOL)
Aircraft Carrier (Rear Hanger / Waves of Attack)
Leon vs. Chris
Haos / Apostle Of Chaos
The Ties That Bind (Leon)
Floating Nightmare
Speeding Bike 1 / Run Away!

Side D:
Infinite Metamorphoses
Zombie Wasteland
Heat On Beat 2013 / The Mercenaries
Speeding Bike II / Shoot It!
Evil Eye / Agent Hunt
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