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Noose Rot - The Creeping Unknown

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Sentient Ruin Laboratories - SRUIN063LP

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Gruesomely regressed and appallingly involved, in their wretched and bludgeoning debut EP NOOSE ROT (who feature in their ranks members of Gatecreeper, Skeletonwitch, and Wolvhammer) spew forth a vomited cascade of complete aural filth that engulfs the listener in a blinding deluge of chainsawing guitars, steamrolling drums, and putridly tortured vocals. At its most delicate and refined "The Creeping Unknown" is nothing more than a coffin-born aural stampede of complete aural rot where caveman-death metal is taken to a sickening new extreme, conjuring similar diseased atmospheres as seen in bands like Cruciamentum, Vastum, Acephalix, Disma, and Grave Miasma.

Mass Grave Interment
Worship The Crypt
The Creeping Unknown
Bound In A Dark House