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Lipstick Killers - Strange Flash: Studio & Live 79-81 (Orange)

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HINDU GODS ARE CALLING YOU!!! Grown Up Wrong! Records is thrilled beyond belief to present the LONG-AWAITED anthology of material by the legendary Lipstick Killers, who blazed a trail in late '70s post-Radio Birdman Sydney before gigging with the likes of the Gun Club and the Flesh Eaters in Los Angeles where they crashed and burned in 1981. The Lipstick Killers released just one single in their life time - the perfect '79 Deniz Tek- produced pairing of 'Hindu Gods of Love' and 'Shakedown USA' on their own Lost in Space Records and Greg Shaw's Voxx Records - but a posthumous live album and a couple of archival releases followed. It was all incredible. All that material is included here, as is a plethora of additional stuff, all from the best-available sources (mostly original tapes). The Lipstick Killers' enigmatic and high-energy sound - heavily inspired by the Stooges and the '60s psychedelic punk sounds of bands like the Thirteenth Floor Elevators and the Chocolate Watchband - bridged the gap between Radio Birdman and subsequent Sydney groups like the Sunnyboys (whose first-ever show was opening for the Lipstick Killers), Lime Spiders, Hoodoo Gurus, the Screaming Tribesmen and the Psychotic Turnbuckles. And of course they anticipated generation after generation of other bands with similar things in mind, right up to today's '60s-inspired freaks like The Straight Arrows, The Living Eyes and Thee Oh Sees.

Side A:
Hindu Gods Of Love
Shakedown Usa (Lost In Space/Voxx 45 - 1979 - Produced By Deniz Tek)
Pensioner Pie
Teen Police
Rot In Love
Accidents (Mixdown Studio Demos -1978)

Side B:
New Hard Fun
Driving The Special Dead
Bongo Flip
Twilight Of The Idols
Strange Flash
Hide & Seek (Trafalgar Demos 1980 - Produced By Lobby Loyde)

Side C:
Date With A Thing
Liquor Fit (Trafalgar Demos 1980 - Produced By Lobby Loyde)
Dying Boy's Crawl
Driving The Special Dead
Bongo Flip
Strange Flash
Sock It To Me - Baby! (Live In Los Angeles - 1981)

Side D:
Twilight Of The Idols
I've Got Levitation
Date With A Thing
Shakedown Usa
Pharmaceutical Au-Go-Go
Out Of Our Tree
Liquor Fit (Live In Los Angeles - 1981)