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Vincey - Everything Was Singing... Everything

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Rubber Records - RUB293V

Everything Was Singing. Everything is the debut solo album from undergroundLOVERS founder and front man Vincent Giarrusso. Working under the moniker of Vincey the album is a collection of bittersweet pop tunes made in collaboration with Kyneton sound designer and musician Jed Palmer. Building from a considerable back catalogue with undergroundLOVERS, gbvg and mist+sea, Everything Was Singing. Everything is a collection of elegant pop song structures and intricate musical arrangements with lyrical content that is both beguiling and intriguing. The deeply personal songs are inspired and dedicated to a brave young soul who succumbed to the ravages of leukaemia at a young age. Recorded over a long period of time in Jed Palmers' Zalumma Agra studios the collection of songs chart emotions of disbelief, denial, anger and release in the wake of a tragic incident. In honour of this, part of the proceeds from sales of the album will be donated to the Snowdome Foundation: "I wanted to explore the difficult subject matter through music and words with complexity and without empty rhetoric." explains Vincent Giarrusso. Featuring a cracking beat, killer horns, harmonies, guitars and poignant lyrics, Everything Was Singing. Everything's lead single 'Run and Hide' is an up tempo offering, paying tribute to the inner child in all of us.

Where was the Sun?
Baseless Needs
Baby Morphine
Wandering (After Mockingbirds)
Run and Hide
Stay and Wait
Where was the Gold?