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Chris Russell's Chicken Walk - Drive

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Public Bookings - CRCW003LPElemental, natural and supernatural, full of hurricanes, mermaids and femme fatales, Drive comes on like scenes from a southern gothic neo-noir. There's vice, danger and beauty everywhere. Venous snakes, all night diners, armed hold ups, mermaids and demons. Previous album Shakedown had press-bots yelling things like, "Chris Russell is the master" [Sydney Morning Herald], "Raw, sweaty...dangerous. ????" [The Age] and "Chris Russell's constant and irresistible four to the floor blues guitar and howling voice get stronger and stronger with each performance." [Unpaved]. This time, when writing Drive he stopped listening to music all together, so as to hear his own voice amongst everything else. Heading down a rabbit hole of film noir, the fast dialogue, relentless narrative and dog-leg plot turns fired his imagination to write from a different perspective. With the additional perspective change - enter one Dave Folley - putting fire on the drums, in Diamond Dave's first recorded contribution to the outfit, things were happening in a whirlwind. Risks taken, more done, exercise books filling rapidly with black ink, no expense or overdub spared: the gut instincts were driving and the difference is incendiary. Hop in. Let's roll.

Drive All Night
Snub Nose
Cry Yourself To Death
Ain't Got No Family Tomb