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Dead / Mark Deutrom - Collective Fictions

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We Empty Rooms - WER#35

Vol. 1 in the 4 part series of DEAD LPs titled "The Trilogy" being released over a 12 month (ish) period.

Ltd. 200 copies on 180g wax and with hand screen printed covers by WeEmpytRooms. WER#35.

DEAD side features the band in power trio mode with BJ Morriszonkle on keys/noises/weirdness.

MARK side is performed entirely by the one and only Mark D of Melvins/Bellringer/engineer in his own right fame.

Analogue only release - there is no digital version of this record.

Dead Side:
1. Masonry
2. In The Car

Mark Side:
1. The Gargoyle Protocol
2. The Presence of an Absence
3. Bring the Fatted Calf
4. View from the Threshold