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Drag City - DC630

Fresh off the streets of San Francisco (well, semi-fresh), Sic ol' Mike Donovan declares PEACERS is at hand! Self-titled debut release co-chaired by Ty Segall is rife wif riff n' razor-wired tunage - the myth and the majesty all caught up in a bowl of floating miniatures - like a bottle of warm milk, with a hair in it.....

At the Milkshake Hop 1:55
R. J. D. (Salam) 2:20
Laze It 1:50
Institution Shave 2:02
Piccolo and Ant 1:27
Mary Jane / Glorious Sunrise 2:09
The Kid 2:02
Heiress Chilton 2:00
Kick on the Plane 2:35
Scandi Mindy 2:53
Clay Center, KS 1:39
Leicester Bride 2:32
Drama Ensues 1:18
Blume 3:46
Super Francisco 1:58