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Alasdair Roberts - Pangs

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Drag City - DC657LP

Since 2001, Alasdair Roberts has busily pursued the path of his ancestors, down the many and varied by-ways of Scottish traditional music-and of English and Irish traditional music as well, all of which have fed the American folk tradition from its earliest days. Over the past 15 years, Alasdair has released eight albums of self-written material and interpretations of traditional song alike, all played in a diversity of electric and acoustic arrangements, bringing a modern thrust to the music while honoring the many singers from whom this material was learned and adapted. Following the acoustic austerity of his self-titled 2015 release, Alasdair's applied himself to electric guitar and band once again for his ninth album, Pangs.

Side A:
No Dawn Song
An Altar
In The Glade
The Breach
The Angry
Laughing God

Side B:
Wormwood And Gall
The Downward
Scarce Of
Vespers Chime
Song Of The