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Brass Tacks - Just The Facts; 15th Anniversary Edition [rsd2015]

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Beer City Records - BCR199-1

Originally released in the late 90's, Just the Facts quickly became a must-have release. It was a rowdy good time, skinhead rock n roll full-length that also mixed in elements of hardcore, punk and oi. It really delivered the goods, knocking you off your feet and leaving you wanting more. It was followed up by the Good Life single and shortly thereafter, BRASS TACKS called it a day. All 1000 copies of Just the Facts quickly sold out. For about 15 years this full length was only available digitally until now.

Beer City Skateboards and Records is proud to bring you for the first time ever on vinyl BRASS TACKS- Just the Facts 15th Anniversary Edition LP ! This contains the original full length plus the tracks from The Good Life 7" as well as the demo track and only recorded version of the song "Just the Facts" -- a grand total of 18 blistering boot-stomping tracks. This reissue has been given the deluxe treatment of a brand new layout including a inner sleeve filled with lyrics, photos and flyers from the band's 15 year existence. All the tracks on this release have been restored and remastered by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers.

'Just the Facts' full length
1. Ain't Gonna Win
2. Skinhead Rock-N-Roll
3. For All I Care
4. Trudge Onward
5. Just This Once
6. Losing Control
7. My Friends and Me
8. United Pride
9. Feed the Fire
10. Nice Boys
11. Oi TOY
12. Scenester
13. Working Class
14. Wisconsin Hooligans

'Demo 97' track:
15. Just the Facts

'The Good Life' 7"
16. The Good Life
17. Positively Baldwin Street
18. Let's Smash Some Skull