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Omni - Multi-Task

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Trouble In Mind - TIM124LP

"Multi-task" is a more musically adventurous step forward for the band, keeping the frantic, fleet-fingered fingerpicking of Broyles' guitar work & Frobos' dead-cool delivery while expanding their musical palette & to include whispers of post-Roxy glam & Postcar d Records pop. "Multi-task" balances the band's trademark off-kilter & unconventional jams with an elegance not found in many of their contemporaries, Omni pulls it off with grace & style, still whirring on their minimalist funk-fused agit-pop while creating an album that is awash in the excitement of new love, or fleeting attraction - a journey from that dizzying buzz of first date pheromones found twirling on the dance floor to the cab ride cool-down to home (or wherever.)

Side A:
Southbound Station
Tuxedo Blues
After Dinner

Side B:
First Degree
Date Night
Calling Direct
Heard My Name