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Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Primary Colours

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Aarght Records - AARGHT005

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All the best rock n roll comes from Australia: Coloured Balls, Buffalo, Missing Links, Easybeats, Birthday Party, Scientists, New Christs, Saints, Victims, Thought Criminals, Just Urbain, Hard Ons, Psycho Surgeons, Ooga Boogas, Silverchair, and now...Eddy Current Suppression Ring.

Working with a formula of pure simplicity, ECSR take a brilliant half talking/half singing vocalist, and one riff and a primitive beat and stick with it.

Hey, the Stooges and Neu! did it so why not?
It's not all Neanderthal thump and grind on Primary Colours, however, there's plenty of melodic guitar chime and smart lyricism to go around too, and We'll Be Turned On (complete with a great Clean-esque keyboard line) is one of the best garage pop songs in a long while.

Elsewhere, there's Which Way to Go and Colour Television which roll Modern Lovers, the Fall, and Television into one, add some laidback Aussie cool, to create something that s not quite garage rock (too smart, too trebly) or post-punk (too fun).

I never understood why anyone would want to reinvent the wheel, when you, like ECSR, can add some bigger, shinier rims to make it seem brand new.

Side A:
Memory Lane
Sunday's Coming
Wrapped Up
Colour Television
That's Inside Of Me

Side B:
I Admit My Faults
Which Way To Go
You Let Me Be Honest With You
We'll Be Turned On
I Don't Wanna Play No More