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Raf Rundell - Stop Lying

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1965 Records LTD - OLIVE1039V

While it takes its cues from the gloriously eclectic 'Selfie Boy' mini-album, 'Stop Lying' is a huge step up for Raf, a record that's sonically both supremely confident and brilliantly consistent. From "Every Morning's" sunny side up swing to the knock 'em down swag of "Ric Flair" via "Sweet Cheek's" ultra-disco (featuring a full-on house diva vocal from a local boy named Jovis), "Falling Out's" Pet Shop Boys lost on the floor at Sink the Pink and "In Control's" beatless Blockheads workout, it's the musical story of modern day London mapped out, where all the worries, stresses and inevitable releases are pumped through a decent pair of headphones.

Side A:
Stop Lying
Every Morning
Within Without
Kinder Nature
Sweet Cheeks

Side B:
Ric Flair
Accept & Proceed
Falling Out
In Control