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Goldmund - Occasus

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Western Vinyl - WV169LP

The word Occasus means downfall, end, or the rising and falling of heavenly bodies. The title is apt in more ways than one: while the emotional tone of the album denotes bittersweet feelings of conclusiveness, it also perfectly soundtracks the quiet moments when we look up to the sky, and humbly relearn the smallness of our lives as cosmic objects churn slowly overhead with bewitching indifference. Occasus feels deeply personal, private, and hushed yet simultaneously grand, colossal, and profound. Remarkably Kenniff is able to capture micro and macro with equal fidelity. Tangential to prior Goldmund material, there are a few moments of Occasus that feel dark and menacing like 'No Story' and 'Thread', both of which broach urgent paranoia, and provide a refreshing counterweight to the idyll typical of the project. Kenniff's music has always been unquestionably gorgeous, but seeing it set against an occasionally manic backdrop makes the moments of light shine that much brighter. Even when elements of Occasus play by the rules harmonically, they tend to unfold with a satisfying level of rhythmical disregard. "I like mistakes, I like when things don't go perfectly,' says Kenniff of his wabi-sabi ethos, 'I do have a tendency to want for things to be perfect and precise, but I have to also realize that a lot of things I like about music and art are very rough and impulsive, the slight imperfections that give something or someone a unique voice."

Side A:
Before 3:25
Above 2:36
Bounded 3:10
Breaking 3:06
As You Know 3:02
Circle 2:56
History 1:33

Side B:
Migration 3:38
Radiant 2:59
No Story 2:45
Thread 2:47
Terrarium 5:29
Turns 2:36
Moderate 3:58
What Lasts 4:42