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Nickodemus - A Long Engagement

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In the five years following his last solo album Moon People, Nickodemus has continued to spread his global sound through endless DJ tours, recording in studios, and scouting new music for his acclaimed Wonderwheel label. He's made some new friends along the way too, with his constant journeying helping culminate in the new full-length A Long Engagement, a sonic portrait of 25 years of connecting people through music. Nickodemus has been active touring the entire globe since the mid 90s; as a producer he's released three albums, remixes for everyone from Bob Marley to Thievery Corporation, and 10 Turntables on the Hudson compilations that have established him as a seasoned musical traveler who excels most when playing in diverse settings that thrive on vibrant sounds. His new work is the latest chapter of his musical vision, offering global rhythms rooted in deep, introspective electronic moods built for the dancefloor. Throughout the 13 tracks of A Long Engagement, Nickodemus reflects on his rich history working in NYC club music and around the world, including some fresher analog sounds alongside collaborators new and old. Highlights include a new track with Carol C, who sang on cult classics like "Cleopatra in New York" and "Mariposa," three tracks with Brooklyn's afro-beat group Antibalas, and the soulful house keys of New York native Victor Axelrod. You'll also hear Grammy nominated Innov Gnawa on the thumping dance-floor version of "Mystic Molay," while Ninja Tune revered vocalist Grey Reverend lends a soulful vocal to album's finale 'Music Man." Like all of Nickodemus' past musical gifts, A Long Engagement is another worldly musical journey that pays homage to the artist's city roots and decades of hard-working curation across the world's continents.

Side A:
Endangered Species
Will You Still Be Here? (With The Real Live Show & Pimps Of Joy Time)
Livin' Your Dream (With Jahdan Blakkamore)

Side B:
Mystic Molay (With Innov Gnawa)
Inmortales (Body Move) (With Femina, Gitkin & The Spy From Cairo)
Caballito Del Mar (With La Yegros)
Do You Do You? (With Carol & The Spy From Cairo)

Side C:
Funky In The Middle
Invisible Cities
Music Man (With Grey Reverend)

Side D:
Night Blooming Jasmines
All Over The Place (Outro)