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Papa M - A Broke Moon Rises

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Drag City - DC715LP

Late 2016's Highway Songs brought Papa M back to us, after many years of silence and several harrowing dances with death for his Id-ego/host body, David Pajo. Now, two years on down the road, we're all here again to witness A Broke Moon Rises. Highway Songs was a necessarily cathartic experience in all phases. Afterwards, with no tour dates forthcoming (partially due to lousy clubs and their lack of wheelchair-accessible stage doors!), it felt good just to play for fun again, like being in the practice space instead of the psych ward-a much healthier change of pace than some might guess!

Side A:
The Upright Path 4:37
Walt's 4:10
A Lighthouse Reverie 7:51

Side B:
Shimmers 6:22
Spiegel Im Spiegel 13:03