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Axis: Sova - Shampoo You

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God Records - GOD014

There's something in the air! It's getting closer everyday, and it ain't no damned superman, either. No, the occupants of the approaching craft are human as FUCK, their soft goo shielded with bony protrusions. It's Axis: Sova-and they're here to Shampoo You. The sharpened peaks of the landscape on the Shampoo You trip provide fresh pleasures for the listener - as we get into their neck-throttling dysmorphia anthems, we become glammy and physical, moving and transcending beyond our fallible body. Reality becomes a crystalline game to be mastered, as our mind vanishes beyond the fog that's plagued our existence, the eternal night flashing blindingly into bright day. Like the Axis before you, it's your time to be wiped clean. Head down to the scar wash and slip into neutral. Let Axis: Sova Shampoo You.

Side A:
Terminal Holiday
New Disguise
Crystal Predictor

Side B:
Stale Green
Shock Recognition
Same Person Twice