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Beast In Heat - The Rocky Road To Euphoria

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Sados Solutions - #04

The long awaited 2nd album of BEAST IN HEAT expands into catchier territory than the debut, The Real Fonzie. Singalong punk anthems combined with trash music hooks galore are an absolute must for bourbon, buds and beer lovers! Recorded in 1996 on 16-track. Not Released until 2013.

Side A:
I Want To Kill You 1:25
T.H.C 2:52
Debbie Does Detention 1:31
Barbequed Chicken 2:28
Fred Astair And Ginger Rogers 1:35
High School Dropouts 2:29
The Lovely Charade 1:52
A Tribute To Old Ed 2:46
Headjob Lips 1:33
The Way Of The Bears 2:32
The High School Prom 1:43

Side B:
Surfin' Bird 2:07
The Cook 2:19
Fried Ho 1:29
High School Soroity 1:15
The Pink Panther And The Virgin Ginger 1:30
Be A Dropout And Get Real Stoned And Grow Your Hair 2:30
Right Down 1:36
The Legend Of Dick And Dora 1:50
Barbequed Chicken Pt 2 3:01
We're Beast In Heat 1:50