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Frenzal Rhomb - Meet The Family (Red/White/Brown Vinyl)

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How Much Did I Fucking Pay For This? Records - HMDIFPFT12

1997. What a year. The Castle taught us about vibe and serenity, Super League made its glorious Australian debut, we were all melting our guns down for cash, and Pauline Hanson realised how profitable bigotry could be. Also, in an inner-Sydney studio that was soon to be melted down to make way for high-density apartments, Frenzal Rhomb were recording Meet The Family.

Fast forward to 2018 and 'Meet The Family' is celebrating its 21st birthday. So Frenzal Rhomb is re-releasing it, on vinyl! Don't worry, that warm dual rectifier sound is still there

Classic Frenzal Gold selling album features dome of their biggest hits There's Your Dad, Mum Changed The Locks and Racist.

Side A:
Mum Changed The Locks 1:57
Mr Charisma 2:18
There's Your Dad 2:03
Racist 2:36
Ship Of Beers 2:15
Be Still My Beating Off 2:20
I Hate My Brain 2:08
The Ballad Of Tim Webster 1:55

Side B:
U.S.Anus 2:20
Constable Care 1:39
(That's) Just Not Legal 2:13
Hakimashita 2:24
Genitals Are Funny 1:37
All Your Friends 2:26
Beaded Curtains (Part 2) 0:11
Beaded Curtains (Part 3) 0:12
Guns Don't Kill Ducklings (Ducklings Kills Ducklings) 2:14
You Can't Move Into My House 2:26