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Tiny Ruins - Olympic Girls

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Milk! Records - MILK040

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Tiny Ruins today announce the upcoming release of their new album 'Olympic Girls,' out via Milk! Records / Remote Control Records!

Album three, 'Olympic Girls,' was produced by bandmate Tom Healy. Patiently built in the same underground lair (Paquin Studios at The Lab in hometown Auckland) as their previous record Brightly Painted One.

Whereas that was recorded in three short weeks, the new album was made over a drawn-out period of spontaneity and experimentation spanning a year, stridently reaching beyond Fullbrook's formerly minimalist domain.

Side A:
Olympic Girls
School Of Design
How Much

Side B:
Kore Waits In The Underworld
One Million Flowers
My Love Leda
Stars, False, Fading
Cold Enough To Climb