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Caspar Brotzmann Massaker - The Tribe

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Southern Lord - LORDLP259

Southern Lord is proud to announce the first in a series of CASPAR BR TZMANN MASSAKER album reissues - beginning with the masterful debut The Tribe, originally released in 1988, and second album, Black Axis, originally released in 1989 - both remastered and presented as they were when originally released. After reissuing the first five albums, they shall later be made available in a collector's boxed set complete with extensive liner notes, artwork by BR TZMANN, as well as a silkscreened print which will be hand numbered and signed by the artist. Full details of the series to be revealed in the coming months. CASPAR is also rumored to be working on brand new material. "tHE tRIBE" IS Caspar Br tzmann Massaker's masterful debut album from 1988 - remastered. The power trio's blunt force execution is directed by Br tzmann's explosive and exquisite six string conjuration. Channeling Hendrixian vibrations mixed with hard German industrial atmosphere

Side A:
The Tribe 4:56
Blechton 4:22
Massaker 8:39
Heavens Gate 3:20

Side B:
The Call 4:57
Time 7:18
Paul 3:46
Bonkers Dance 4:47