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Insanity Alert - 666-Pack (Clear Vinyl)

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Season Of Mist - SOM508LPCT

With '666-Pack', Austrian thrashers INSANITY ALERT prove once more to be an unstoppable force. Whether it is dropping a to-the-point, crossover track such as "The Body Of The Christ Is The Parasite" or personal interpretations of classics like "Saturday Grind Fever", the groove will have you headbanging in no time with a smirk on your face. Ride the wave of the thrash metal revival with INSANITY ALERT!

Side A:
The body
All Mosh / No Brain
Cobra Commander
Saturday Grind Fever
Echoes of Death
Windmilli Vanilli
Stop... Slammertime!
Why so Beerious?
Mosh Mosh Mosh
One-Eye Is King

Side B:
Welcome To Hell
Two Joints
Chronic State of Hate
I Come / I Fuck Shit Up / I Leave
A Skullcrushin' Good Time
The Ballad Of Slayer
Demon Get Out
8 Bit Brutality
Death By Wrecking Ball
Dark Energon