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Whipped Cream Chargers - Whip It Out!

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Whipped Cream Chargers
Whip It Out!

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Whipped Cream Chargers are a ballistic whirling collision of the serious and the absurd. Taking influence from the very best of 50's rock n' roll, punk, surf and garage, their songs evoke stories of selfish drunken cowboys, confused kamikaze pilots, lost love, murder, teenage lust, bad monkeys and diamond studded yachts.

Their vision is of a world of adventure for adventures sake, of personalities so vital that not even death can bring them to a halt. A broken pastiche of their influences, Whipped Cream Chargers are bandit-lords toting ray-guns crying out for a lay in the vast emptiness of space.

1. DEAR DANDY 05:15
2. HARP OF GOLD 02:45
3. RASPUTIN 02:45
4. MONKEY 02:47
5. COME ON! 04:15
6. 50 DOLLAR BILL 02:12
7. JESUS HOUND 04:01
8. EGYPT TOWN 04:22
9. LOTUS ROSE 06:41
10. HOE DOWN 01:25