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Various - Escape From Synth City

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Numero - NUMLP101

A hero's quest worth of staccato synths, crack house Casios, off-brand drum machines, minimal Morricone, four-track fantasia, and a variety of other speculations on what the 1980s thought the future would sound like. Packaged in a 12"x12" Nintendo Entertainment System-styled jacket, replete with game sticker, die-cut outer sleeve, debossed cartridge inner sleeve, and art from our first video game, playable from the comfort of your PC.

Chasman - Wind Fall 3:26
New World Music - Intellectual Thinking 8:24
Tony Palkovic- Breath of Sound 5:26
Frank Youngwerth - Whirr (Motorway) 4:26
Don Slepian - Glimmerings 3:31
Al Gromer Khan - Konya 8:07
Vernal Equinox - Sunrise 4:19
Tom Cameron - Zoot 3:47
Smith And Erickson - Midnight Mambo 3:12
Jim Farmer - Emperor's Clothes 4:34
Aril Laury - Moody 3:12