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When you have a band name like Bigger Than Jesus you can bet your life that any search about the band will just swamp you with Beatles references, The Simpsons episode and a lot of religious stuff. So now, some 20 + years later, it is very hard finding reviews of gigs etc. The band was hard and fast. And very, very loud. BTJ were into theatrics, pyrotechnics and all manner of lighting. With BTJ it was as much about the show as the music. Irreverent? Hell yeah! Satire and songs about what we all were going through day to day, about addictions and dereliction, about dealing with the various inner demons that plague us all. A typical BTJ gig would start with a wooden cross planted mid stage and set to fire to while sound grabs from The Exorcist bounced around the venue. Then a huge figure of a man, dressed in a Monks habit, would walk on stage and start hacking the burning cross to pieces with a chain saw. It made quite an impression… We set fire to the stage at Big Day Out and the ceiling of the Espy (I think) but we always had fire extinguishers at hand so no real harm was ever done. Often through some of the longer instrumental passages we'd have a magician come on stage and do magic tricks. Steve Lucas would turn up to gigs dressed as a nun, half man/half woman or swathed from head to toe with bandages like a mummy, fresh from the tomb. It was a freak show.

Side A:
One For The Road
Just My Life

Side B:
Wicked Love
One Of Us
Night Call