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Garagee - El Dorado Ep

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El Dorado EP

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ElDorado is a concept EP with each song representing a progressive stage in one's metaphoric journey to the symbolic ElDorado.

The metamorphosis of the legend itself, from 'the golden one' to the fabled destination, alludes first to the significance of the individual and the inevitable 'rites of passage' story. Set out as a physical journey with an assumption, a determination, a challenge and the final 'destination', ElDorado represents much more.

Embarking upon this project became a journey in itself! Garagee main man Rob McPherson engaged drummer, Tim Burnham, and producer, Benjamin Hollard, in the writing and production process. ElDorado slowly built into a multi-layered labour of love, worthy of its subject matter. Guitar played with chopsticks, ruan played with beard trimmers and snow-stomping percussion with a pinch of post-rock, make this something you do not want to miss!