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Gorillaz - Demon Days

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Life is funny innit. Blur release the truly remarkable "Think Tank" album to universal indifference, yet the first Gorillaz album - little more than throwaway jokes - hits big and becomes Damon Albarn's biggest album ever (mind you, if people had have known it was him to start with maybe they wouldn't have bought it anyway...) So a funny thing happened on the way to making album number 2 - an album they never expected to be making - they got good! Damon decided to push the laidback hip hop groove he had worked up on "Think Tank" (esp on tracks like "Ambulance") and take it to it's logical conclusion. So heavy on the collaborations - Neneh Cherry, De La Soul, MF Doom, Roots Manuva, Shaun Ryder, Dennis Hopper even! - and even heavier on the experimentalism. Like the pop to Mike Patton's rock, the wierder it gets the more amazing it sounds. Money can't buy you love (well, apparently, I'm happy to be proven wrong still) but it can buy you freedom, and that's what Damon Albarn has. Finally he's getting to make the music he really wants to... Good for him. Great for us.

Side A:
Last Living Souls
Kids With Guns
O Green World

Side B:
Dirty Harry
Feel Good Inc.
El Mañana

Side C:
Every Planet We Reach Is Dead
November Has Come
All Alone
White Light

Side D:
Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head
Don't Get Lost In Heaven
Demon Days