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Grace Turbo - Enjoy The Ache

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Decades spent in a sleepy coastal NZ town afforded Grace Turbo a lengthy incubation process, shaped by the sound of crashing waves, howling trees who know your name & the simple pleasures of time spent slow. A hunger to be completely drenched in music drew her to Melbourne in 2015, where Grace Turbo has been managing intimate music venues, while cautiously dipping her toes in performance. Her powerful piano driven stories and her delicately haunting vocals stun audiences into complete submission, hanging on every word, left deeply contemplative & inspired to connect.

Side A:
The Well 02:46
Slippery Words 05:08
Riverside 03:47
Clean Hands 02:59

Side B:
Melodrama 04:17
Spaceship Fingers 03:44
Fickle Are The Clouds 02:13
Glitter Heels 03:22
Just Pretend You Love It 03:47