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Pony Face - Motel

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Cobra Snake Necktie Records - CSN34LP

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Located in the heart of Melbourne Rock City, Australia, there is a shining dark neon secret. Whether travelling through, giving up or on the run, Pony Face - Motel is the place to stay! Enjoy satellite TV, a clean pool as well as the finest complimentary shampoo and lotions replaced daily. Motel, the dreamy 6th release for Pony Face features hauntingly beautiful vocals by Katie Scott (Howl At The Moon), who previously collaborated with the band live and on the Nebraska record. Motel was produced by Casey Rice (Dirty Three, Tortoise) and will be released on heavyweight vinyl on July 26th through longtime companions Cobra Snake Necktie Records. It's a short stay night time record, laden with incendiary guitars, dark synth and shoe-gaze vibrations that's thicker and warmer than a winter's blanket.

Side A:
Wirewalker 04:18
For Your Love 03:21
1984 (Love Theme) 04:38

Side B:
Motel 05:46
Infinity Rainbows 06:06
∞² 03:23