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Ty Segall - First Taste

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Drag City - DC738

A first taste of Ty? Hardly, but First Taste erects extreme new sonic skylines for Segall to soar over. His natural state of urgency is paired with a thirsty contemplative vibe as Ty examines both sides now, twisting some of his best songs and production wack into hard left turns both sweet and hot.

Side A:
Taste 3:36
Whatever 4:24
Ice Plant 3:33
The Fall 2:57
I Worship the Dog 3:34
The Arms 3:30

Side B:
When I Met My Parents (Part 1) 1:03
I Sing Them 2:39
When I Met My Parents (Part 3) 2:15
Radio 3:50
Self Esteem 5:03
Lone Cowboys 4:32