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Disentomb - The Decaying Light (LTD Orange & Red Vinyl)

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Evp Recordings - ULR250LP

LIMITED ORANGE & RED COLOURED VINYL. Following on from 2010's Sunken Chambers of Nephilim and 2014's breakout Misery, Disentomb's long-awaited third album The Decaying Light features 13 tracks of doomed out brutality, undoubtedly their most accomplished and suffocating work to date. With new material and literal years of global road training now behind them, the four-piece will take their high-energy and visceral performance to five Australian cities in July to showcase a new era in a band that has cemented themselves as an explosion of metal muscle not to miss.

Collapsing Skies 02:01
Your Prayers Echo Into Nothingness 04:00
Indecipherable Sermons Of Gloom 03:59
Undying Dysphoria 03:47
Centuries of Deluge 03:19
The Decaying Light 03:58
The Great Abandonment 02:10
Dredged Into Existence 02:52
The Droning Monolith 03:25
Dismal Liturgies 04:12
Invocation In The Cathedral Of Dust 04:22
Rebirth Through Excoriation 04:15
Withering 01:50