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Dz Deathrays - Positive Rising Part 1

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After a four-year gap between releases, DZ Deathrays imposing third album - 2018's Bloody Lovely - saw the Brisbane duo of Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley's shredding rock maelstrom reach audiences they'd only ever dreamed of. It lead to critical acclaim, a Top 4 ARIA Chart debut, huge tours, headlining festival slots, and playing the biggest venues of their career.

Following Bloody Lovely's demanding touring schedule - and now with third member Lachlan Ewbank along for the ride full-time - DZ Deathrays found themselves with more song ideas than they'd ever had. The addition of Lachlan as a full-time member of the band meant a new set of ears to bounce ideas off, and a new set of riffs to dig into.

So doing things the way they had before, well… that wasn't big enough. Not challenging enough. Not out of their comfort zone enough. So they did what every band worth their salt and wanting to change things up does: go record the first half of a double-album opus in LA with Miro Mackie (St. Vincent, Cold War Kids, Hatchie, WAAX).

Positive Rising Pt 1 bucks and heaves with disparate, heady atmospheres and avalanching instrumentation that pushes the DZ Deathrays into corners they've never visited. What's on offer is a DZ Deathrays that swings quickly from leaner and meaner, to blown-out and expansive - and sometimes downright weirder - while still packing enough punches to be destined to soundtrack flying bodies in mosh pits the world over.

Hi Everyone
Still No Change
A Lot To Lose
Nightmare Wrecker
Year Of The Dog (feat. Matt Caughthran)
Silver Lining