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Lorne Balfe - Mission: Impossible Fallout Soundtrack

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Mondo - MOND156

Mondo Music, in conjunction with Paramount Pictures, is proud to present the premiere vinyl pressing of Lorne Balfe's score to the critically-acclaimed 2018 film MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT, the sixth chapter of Tom Cruise's long-running, hugely successful spy franchise. In a series defined by change, FALLOUT represents a first - the first in the long running series to carry its director (Christopher McQuarrie) over from the previous film. In a deliberate effort to keep this chapter fresh, McQuarrie decided to bring on a whole new group of talent behind the scenes - including composer Lorne Balfe. Crafting a modern, militaristic, melancholic soundscape with classic Schiffrin themes that have defined the franchise for nearly 50 years, Balfe's score is a standout in the series, giving the film the weight and balance it needs to glide effortlessly from setpiece to setpiece. Available on 2 x 180 Gram Black vinyl. This first pressing features a limited Flexi disc featuring an unreleased remix.

Side A:
A Storm Is Coming 1:12
Your Mission 2:14
Should You Choose To Accept... 2:34
The Manifesto 1:44
Good Evening, Mr. Hunt 4:19
Change Of Plan 5:47
A Terrible Choice 2:54
Fallout 1:30

Side B:
Staris And Rooftops 2:54
No Hard Feelings 4:20
Free Fall 4:14
The White Widow 4:42
I Am The Storm 2:07

Side C:
The Exchange 5:54
Steps Ahead 1:02
Escape Through Paris 5:05
We Are Never Free 6:57
Kashmir 4:29

Side D:
Fate Whispers To The Warrior (Vinyl Edit) 2:43
And The Warrior Whispers Back (Vinyl Edit) 1:59
Unfinished Business 1:49
Scalpel And Hammer 5:10
Cutting On One 3:42
The Syndicate (Vinyl Edit) 4:23
The Last Resort 2:55
Mission: Accomplished 1:14