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Dead Meadow - Feathers

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Xemu - XM1039LP

Feathers is the fifth album by Dead Meadow. It was released in 2005 by Matador Records and now reissued by Xemu Records under license. The upcoming release will be an exact copy of the original double vinyl and CD packages with original art and masters. In addition to the reissue this new product will include a "demo rarities CD' that will be included in both the CD and LP releases. This demo CD includes outtakes from the 2004 recording session as well as demos with different song structure/ arrangements and 2 tunes that were axed off the final album. The band was shifting from pure 60's-70's heavy psych sounds to a more gentle and layered new- psych sound. The different approach shocked current fans and gained lots of new ones as well as garnering solid underground praise. Revered and as equally hated this divisive record would be a landmark in the band's history and important piece of the puzzle that has kept the boys rocking and relevant.

Side A:
Let's Jump In
Such Hawks Such Hounds
Get Up On Down

Side B:
Eyeless Gaze All Eye / Don't Tell The Riverman

Side C:
At Her Open Door
Stacy's Song
Let It All Pass

Side D:
Through The Gates Of The Sleepy Silver Door

The Whirlings (Feathers Session)
Let's Jump In (LA version)
Stacy's Song (alternate mix)
Get Up On Down (Basement demo)
Feathers (Basement demo)
At Her Open Door (Basement demo)
Let It All Pass (Basement demo)
Feathered Fish (Basement demo)
Eyeless Gaze (Basement demo)
Don't Tell The Riverman (Basement demo)
Stacy's Song (Basement demo)
Let It All Pass (Early version Basement demo)
Such Hawks Such Hounds (acoustic demo)