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Stereolab - Margerine Eclipse (LTD Clear Vinyl)

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Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks - D-UHF-D29RC

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Stereolab's 2004 LP Margerine Eclipse may not be the group's most famous work, but it has a good claim to being one of their best. The band's eighth studio album, Margerine Eclipse saw Stereolab somewhat rein in the avant-gardisms they'd toyed with on records such as Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night. Taken in tandem with revisiting their early penchant for quirky, fuzzy pseudo-rock ('Margerine Rock', 'Bop Scotch') and incorporating new influences like dub and groovy post-punk, Margerine Eclipse is sort of like Stereolab's whole aesthetic in miniature. The album was also the first full-length record that Stereolab released after the death of member Mary Hansen - a matter tackled by the band on the dreamy, swelling 'Feel And Triple'.

For this deluxe new edition of the album, Warp and Duophonic pair Margerine Eclipse with Stereolab's 2003 EP Instant 0 In The Universe and a selection of rare bonus cuts. Both that EP and Margerine Eclipse were released in 'dual mono' - a production technique that means each instrument is panned to one side of the monitors in a manner not dissimilar to some of George Martin's work with The Beatles - an effect which gives the records a unique feel. As with Warp and Duophonic's other recent Stereolab reissues, this version of Margerine Eclipse has also been remastered from the original tapes.

The huge amount of great music made by Stereolab means that albums like Margerine Eclipse can go under the radar. Augmented by some choice additional cuts, this new edition of Margerine Eclipse aims to redress the balance.

Side A:
Vonal Declosion
Need To Be
"...Sudden Stars"

Side B:
Cosmic Country Noir
La Demeure
Margerine Rock

Side C:
The Man With 100 Cells
Margerine Melodie
Hillbilly Motobike

Side D:
Feel And Triple
Bop Scotch
Dear Marge

Side E:
Mass Riff
Good Is Me
Mass Riff Instrumental

Side F:
Jaunty Monty And The Bubbles Of Silence
Banana Monster Ne Répond Plus
University Microfilms International
Rose, My Rocket-Brain! (Rose, Le Cerveau Electronique de Ma Fusée!)