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Recondite - Dwell (Mottled Blue Vinyl)

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Ghostly - GI344LP-C1

As electronic musician Lorenz Brunner sketched his vision for the first Recondite full-length on Ghostly in five years he took a step back to assess who and where he was as an artist. 2013's Hinterland accelerated a progression - he's since been touring around the world and releasing music with labels such as Hotflush and his own Plangent Records - yet, for him, the album cast a shadow of pressure that widened over time. As with most art forms, perhaps especially music, there is an expectation to change, to creatively pivot elsewhere with each project. After careful consideration, Brunner rejects this notion with his new work, opting alternately to use the icy Hinterland as an aesthetic and tonal template for a like-minded map of evocative compositions aptly titled after the German word "stillstand," now presented as Dwell. "I am coherent with what I do, even if I'm not reinventing myself," Brunner says contentedly. In regards to the album title, he adds, "It's like when you're on a hike and you stop and look at the scenery; you may know which path you want to go next but right now you are dwelling."

Side A:
Dwell 6:25
Nobilia 3:41

Side B:
Black Letter 5:44
Interlude 1 2:49

Side C:
Mirror Games 6:13
Cure 5:09
Interlude 2 2:57

Side D:
Surface 4:56
Moon Pearl 6:32
Wire Threat 6:07
Equal (Bonus Track) 5:39