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Clark Aboud - Slay The Spire Soundtrack (Red Vinyl)

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Ghost Ramp - GR060LP-C1

Includes Digital Download

Ghost Ramp is proud to present the soundtrack to the critically acclaimed video game, Slay the Spire. Clark Aboud's score features an epic collection of orchestral pieces. Ranging from booming battle cries to somber interludes, Aboud takes an eclectic approach to his music and continually keeps things fresh.This collector's edition vinyl makes the perfect keepsake for fans of the game, while also providing excellent background music to spend your day with. Pressed on red vinyl, the soundtrack features brand new artwork and includes a full color insert and digital download card.

Slay the Spire
Battle Trance
The Guardian Emerges
Meet the Merchant
The City
Battle with the Champ
Facing the Elite
Dramatic Entrance
The Beyond
The Awakened One
Mind Bloom
The Ending
The Heart
The Credits