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Epitaph - 821041LP

KID DYNAMITE'S eponymous debut wants to party like it's 1982, when hardcore street punk was a heartfelt reflection of an alienated life and screaming your head off indecipherably was a performing art. At the same time, this ain't no time warp. Refined for a post-punk generation, these Lifetime and Ink & Dagger alumni keep it relevant with a perspective of the past twenty some-odd years, the wisdom of maturity, and a progressive lyrical approach that carries as much responsibility as it does rage.

Side A:
Pause 1:15
K05-0564 1:50
Sweet Shop Syndicate 0:20
Table 19 1:50
Ph. Decontrol 0:47
Showoff 1:15
Bookworm 1:59
Scarysmurf 0:22
The Ronald Miller Story 1:06
Bench Warmer 1:33

Side B:
Zuko's Back In Town 1:17
Never Met The Gooch 2:01
News At 11 1:15
32 Frames Per Second 0:20
Pacifier 2:06
3 O'Clock 2:20
Shiner 2:14
Wrist Rocket 1:37
Fuckuturn 1:51