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The Garden - Kiss My Super Bowl Ring

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Epitaph - E877421

THE GARDEN have been carving their own path since their formation in 2011. With 3 LP's and 4 EP releases, they have become known musically for their fast, punk influenced jungle and DnB styles, and have consistently touring since 2013.While live, they are known for a mix of aggressive, unpredictable and trickster-ish tendencies - this new album, Kiss My Super Bowl Ring rivals the previous albums lyrically and sonically with an unmatched belligerence. The album is primarily self-produced, but includes tracks co-produced by the likes of Dylan Brady and Wharfwit, along with tracks featuring Ariel Pink and Khalif Jones (aka Le1f) and even a snippet from Carrot Top. The album shows it's first bit of skin with the opening track, "Clench To Stay Awake" - a track based off the experiences of both brothers mysterious health issues over the years. Kiss My Super Bowl Ring boasts a roster of songs that just might be the most creatively rattling yet from the duo.

Side A:
Clench To Stay Awake 3:18
A Struggle 3:40
Sneaky Devil 3:02
Kiss My Super Bowl Ring 3:06
A Fool's Expedition 3:09
AMPM Truck 3:40

Side B:
Hit Eject 3:06
The King Of Cutting Corners 2:37
Lurkin' 3:02
Lowrider Slug 4:20
Please, Fuck Off 2:17