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Paint It Black - Paradise

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Dan Yemin is the only man in punk rock whose bands get louder and faster with age. As the guitarist in hardcore legends Lifetime and Kid Dynamite, Yemin has been known for bringing a keen sense of melody to even the heaviest hitting of his songs. Paint It Black, formed from the ashes of Kid Dynamite and the result of Yemin's brush with death and subsequent renewed desire to make music. "On Paradise, the band's second album, Paint It Black release a lot of the tension throughout the album with a reliance on melodic sensibilities -- guitar and vocal lines with interesting half-time chumpdowns -- which may be a result of Paradise being produced and recorded by J. Robbins. These are introspective songs of identity against a backdrop of global breakdown and corporate manipulation. Paint It Black offer up fast beats, thick chords, and passionate lyrics on Paradise, and shine on tracks with vocal exchanges between Dan Yemin and Andy Nelson, such as "Pink Slip," "Athiests in Foxholes," and "Labor Day." Paint It Black have always had a good sense of keeping the good fight going with passion and rage in their lyrics and delivery, while mixing in memorable musical elements. Paradise will make you get up, think about your situation, and fight for better days. "

Side A:
Election Day
Pink Slip
Exit Wounds
The New Brutality
Athiests In Foxholes

Side B:
Labor Day
Burn The Hive
The Pharmacist
Memorial Day