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Enlightment - Agape Love

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Nature Sounds - NSD88

Founded by ordained bishop Larry H. Jordan and his brother-in-law Frank Tinsley in the early 1980s, Enlightment was among the first groups to fuse modern R&B production with gospel themes. After providing the group's ultra-rare debut album Faith Is The Key with a proper release, Nature Sounds is now making another lost classic from Enlightment available to the world. "Agape Love" was a 1988 promo-only 12" single pressed in anticipation of a second Enlightment album, which unfortunately never came to fruition. Previously only available in extremely limited promotional quantities, "Agape Love" has been re-pressed off the original vinyl parts and will now be hitting record shelves worldwide. "This is well-deserved reissue," says famed DJ and record collector Kon, who calls the record "a lost gem that slipped through the cracks of obscurity."

Side A:
Agape Love 6:40
Agape Love (Instrumental) 6:42

Side B:
Agape Love (Remix) 6:38