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Tenci - My Heart Is An Open Field (White Vinyl)

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Keeled Scales - KS044LP-C1

My Heart Is An Open Field is a confident, deeply beautiful debut album from Chicago four-piece Tenci. These songs are filled with nuance-- breaths of saxophone and flute, and touches of cello, piano, and pedal steel are hung on the sturdy folk songs of Jess Shoman, whose voice and range cuts through these dreams like a loved one's voice. There is enough new rawness to separate the music of Tenci from other artists working in similar genres. Ultimately these songs feel magically formed, the hazy post-snakebite psychedelia of "Serpent," the childlike wonder and xylophone on "Joy," the heartbreaking imagery within "Forgot My Horse's Name." Even the recording of Shoman's grandmother at the end of "Blue Spring" is something achingly refreshing. The band quietly self-released this on cassette ahead of a Midwest tour. Austin label (home to Twain, Buck Meek of Big Thief, Sun June, Erin Durant) will be releasing the album on LP, CD, cassette, and digitally on June 5, 2020. The band will be touring the Midwest and Southeast in March on their way to SXSW, playing in L.A. in early April, and in New York on April 25 with plans to tour the US this summer. FFO: early Cat Power, Haley Heynderickx, Molly Sarle, Joanna Sternberg, Lomelda

Hair Sticks
Blue Spring
Forgot My Horse's Name
Joy 2
No Wings
My Heart Is An Open Field