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Clams Casino - Moon Trip Radio

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Clammyclams Productions - LCCP001

New Jersey-native Clams Casino stands amongst the most respected hip-hop producers in the game today. After several years of underground notoriety, Clams became widely known after producing several of the standout tracks on A$AP Rocky's monolithic debut mixtape Live. Love. ASAP and has received widespread critical acclaim for his collaborations with Lil Peep, Vince Staples, Lil B, Mac Miller, The Weeknd, Joji amongst others. Clams released his hugely anticipated instrumental album Moon Trip Radio late last year, a stunning collection of tracks that showcase his immense talent as both a composer and producer.

Side A:
Rune 3:30
Healing 2:29
NSX 3:12
Cupidwing 3:23
Glowing Bones 3:02

Side B:
Fire Blue 1:42
Twilit 2:28
Lyre 3:20
In A Mirror 2:46
Soliloquy 1:23
Moon Trip Radio 3:09