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Parcels - Live Vol.1

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Recorded live on tape and mixed on a hardware console at the legendary Hansa Studio in Berlin, Live Vol. 1's 18 songs feature everything fans love about Parcels. A generous offering, filled to the brim with the band's hit songs, with a heightened live feel, and those experimentations and glorious transitions which give their performances a unique touch.

Parcels' music is never more powerful than in those fleeting, singular moments where uncertainty is met with adrenaline. Jules Crommelin, Noah Hill, Louie Swain, Patrick Hetherington and Anatole Serret - all of them singers and multi-instrumentalists - are ambitious, dedicated virtuosos with effortless vocal harmonies and relentless musical explorations.

Side A:
Enter 3:00
Myenemy 3:30
Bemyself 4:29
Comedown 3:26
Lightenup 4:55

Side B:
Gamesofluck 3:39
Intrude 0:50
Withorwithout 4:40
Retuned 0:45
Everyroad 7:41

Side C:
Overnight 3:58
Untried 1:27
Yourfault 4:25

Side D:
Closetowhy 4:07
Redline 2:59
IknowhowIfeel 2:56
Elude 2:59
Tieduprightnow 4:33