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Bing And Ruth - Species

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Bing & Ruth, the ever-evolving project helmed by New York composer David Moore, has announced details of a new album. Entitled Species, the 7-track, 49-min record will be released on Friday 17 July via 4AD.

While on a surface level, Species is an exploration of the sonic possibilities of the Farfisa organ, aided only by a clarinet and double bass (played respectively by founding members Jeremy Viner and Jeff Ratner), the title Species is a nod to both humanity and humility - a devotion to the godly intuition with which we are all endowed, and the humbleness required of us to perceive it. It's also about suspended time and trance; not just a steady movement from A to B, but as something that flows, meanders and eddies, like water. "I suppose what interested me the most in putting this together was the concept of trance and what can happen to the listener by submitting to the wave of the thing," Moore explains. "Upon reflection, I suppose what I was moving towards was a way to feel small - a way to feel deeply humble. I had always made music in search of some sort of inner peace, but I no longer cared so much to comfort myself. I'd grown tired, it seemed, of looking inward. I wanted to look nowhere."

The album's first single, 'I Had No Dream', is out now alongside visuals created by Derrick Belcham. Of the song and video Moore says, "When writing I seem to always be working towards the song's final presentation - usually how it will sound on the end recording. This forthcoming album, and particularly this song, differs in that I found myself instinctively leaning more towards the music's live performance. In that spirit it seems fitting to lead with this video of Jeff and Jeremy and I playing 'I Had No Dream,' the third track on 'Species'. We look forward to sharing all of our new music live as soon as we can all be in the same room together again, but until then we hope you enjoy this first offering."

Side A:
Body In A Room
Badwater Psalm

Side B:
I Had No Dream
Blood Harmony

Side C:
Live Forever

Side D:
The Pressure Of This Water