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Caustic Wound - Death Posture

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Profound Lore - PFL239LP

Pacific Northwest's Caustic Wound (featuring members of Mortiferum, Cerebral Rot, Fetid, and Magrudergrind) play unrelenting and punishing brutal death-grind that captures the aesthetic and palpitations of the classic old-school era of the genre (not exceeding 1992 of course). Their debut album, Death Posture, which follows their 2018 Grinding Terror demo, sounds like a foul relic that could have been produced in '88-91, while upholding a powerful, dark, murky yet unyielding production. This debut eschews and lays waste to the clinical, plastic and ornamental trappings of the modern-day grind scene. In what will most likely despoil and maraud the majority of current death-grind albums, Death Posture renders total annihilation upon the feeble mortal coil.

Side A:
Death Posture 03:05
Cemetery Planet 01:12
Visions Of Torture 02:21
Black Bag Asphyxiation 01:49
Terror Bomber 01:10
Blast Casualty 01:21
Ritual Trappings 01:49
Uranium Decay 01:54

Side B:
Cabal 02:16
Acid Attack 01:23
Invisible Cell 01:24
Guillotine 01:45
Autonomous Weapons System 01:19
Cataclysmic Gigaton 03:31